Poolhall is a well established mature carp fishery set in beautiful surroundings with wildlife in abundance. We are situated at Trescott in Lower Penn just off the main A454 Bridgnorth Road only four miles from Wolverhampton. The fishery consists of four pools, two which are carp pools and two which are mixed fish pleasure pools.

27th March 2014

Phase 1 of the track will be completed by tomorrow morning. We have graded it all the way up. It will never be perfect but you can now drive comfortably at a constant speed all the way without the fear of bottoming out. The corner has been totally graded to leave no holes at all. The ground is quite wet so if any soft areas or holes reappear, we will have in excess of 40 tonne of plainings to use, to refill them. If I can ask that we can all drive at a responsible speed and don't use it as a race track then it will last a lot longer. Thanks to all those that have persevered with the track over the last few years.

Opening Times
Summer 7.00am till 7.00pm
Winter 7.30am till 5.30pm
General Rules
  • All anglers to report and book in at the lodge on arrival.
  • All cars to be parked on the main car park.
  • All anglers to have appropiate Environment Agency licences.
  • Alcohol allowed, drunken behavior not.
  • No dogs allowed.
  • No fires allowed.(disposal BBQ's allowed but must be taken home after use)
  • Respect all wildlife.
  • Respect members of the public who are using the bridle paths.
  • No litter to be left on the fishery, all litter to be taken home
  • No keepnets to be used for pleasure fishing.
  • Fishing from designated pegs only.
  • No fish to be transferred between pools.
  • All toilets to be used, these are located in the car park.
  • Visitors or guests strictly by prior agreement only.

Lower Lake & Meadow Pool
  • All anglers to be in possesion of a suitable carp unhooking mat.
  • All anglers to be in possession of a carp care kit
  • No leadcore or leadcore leaders allowed.
  • All Anglers to be in possesion of a specimen landing net.
  • Only green or camo bivvies and brollies to be used, strictly no tents
  • No braid main line to be used.
  • 12lb minimum breaking strain main line to be used.
  • Rods not to be left unattended at any time.
  • No fixed rigs to be used (if unsure please ask a member of staff).
  • No bent hook rigs.
  • No beachcaster rigs to be used.
  • Luncheon meat allowed on the hook/hair only.
  • Particles must be of good quality branded names.
  • Bait boats allowed but commonsense must prevail.
  • Maximum of 3 rods to be used.
  • No peanuts.
  • No sacking of carp.
  • Both Micro Barbed & Barbless hooks allowed.
  • Children under 14 to be accompanied by an adult.
  • Catch returns to be handed in at the office before leaving or sent by text or email at a later date.
  • All photographs to be taken over a cradle or whilst kneeling over a unhooking mat

Pike Fishing
  • 1st October till 1st March.
  • No livebaits.
  • Dead baits only
  • All coarse fish deadbaits to be shop bought.
  • No spinning.
Carp fishing £10 per day or £20 for 24 hours,
Pleasure & Match pools £6 per day.

Our Pools

meadow pool

Meadow Pool

This is the largest of the carp pools at 7.5 acres and consisting of 21 pegs. The pool has recently been extended to include the island part of the lower lake which has been excavated to varying depths of 4 foot down to 9 foot. This lake is heavily stocked with around 1400 fish, containing many of the existing stock of commons. To add to this there are an abundance of new young fish which are all nearing the 20lb mark. There are around 80 twenties estimated in this pool with 2 know thirties but we anticipate that this number will grow in the near future. Cats are present to around the 50lb mark. There are numerous features on this lake including large lilly pad beds, reeds, islands & silty channels. Beginning February 2014 we will be reducing the stock levels in this pool, by firstly removing any fish under 12lb and moving them to the Lower Lake. This will allow for the growth of all our young fish with both the simmo commons and Furnace Mill mirrors already surpassing the 20lb mark. We will be adding some of our own young fish at regular intervals, which include commons, mirrors, fully scaled mirrors, leathers and linears.

Lower Lake

Lower Lake

This is the first pool you see when you drive up the track. At 5 acres and consisting of only 9 pegs this pool will once again become the jewel in the crown in the next couple of years. Due to problems with the dam wall we had to drain this pool and basically start again. The pool is now full of water once again and has a healthy stock of around 300 fish which have been hand picked from all of our other waters. The clear water clarity has helped to turn the fish in to some of the best looking fish you will see. Both mirrors and commons run to around the 30lb mark with approximately 30 plus twenties and many others just short of this mark. This water will definatly be one to look out for in the near future.

meadow pool

Pleasure Pool

Situated close to the car park this pool is a favourite for the match fishermen, at about three quarters of an acre and consisting of approx 14 pegs. This pool was supposed to be a stock pond but it became increasingly popular with novice anglers who could always guarentee to catch large numbers of fish leaving them to go home happy. With depths only averaging 3 feet it has become an easy water to fish and the species on offer include carp to 8lb, Approx 1000 small carp to 1.5lbs, bream to 6lb, tench to 4lb, roach to 2lb, perch to 3lb and a few of the original stock of crucian carp.

meadow pool

Match Pool

This pool is situated at the end of the complex and utilises the old canal section which had become overgrown and unfishable for the past few years. This pool is netted off from the main pool and is a favourite for match fishermen who want the chance of catching a few lumps upto 18lb aswell as the abundance of smaller fish on offer aswell. It consists of 18 pegs and has an average depth of 3.5 feet, the far bank is lined with reeds. This pool has already produced massive bags of fish to the anglers who are not put off by the walk.

BCA BCA Carp Group

We are now in association with BCA BCA Carp Group

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Contact Us

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Stewart Derbyshire - Fishery Manager - 07801 443687
Peter Tranter - Assistant Fishery Manager - 07747 383798
Email Us at

Booking Pegs

We are now taking bookings for 7 pegs on the Meadow at any one time. Any pegs can be booked but the following pegs must be booked for 2 anglers.
No Mans
Dam View
On the Lower Lake the following pegs will be available for bookings, but can only be booked for 2 anglers.
Bus Stop
Conditions for bookings.
Each peg can be booked for durations of 24 hours, 48 hours or multiples there of.
Pegs must be booked at least 7 days in advance.
Pegs can be booked from either 8.00am or 7.00pm. Previous anglers must be clear of the peg at these times.
A 50% deposit will be required on booking, and can be paid by cash, PayPal or bank transfer. The balance is to be paid on arrival. All deposits are non refundable. If you have not arrived on time, the peg will become vacant, unless you have contacted us prior.
Bookings can be made by contacting Stewart on 07801443687.

New PH Baits

Poolhall Fishery are putting together their own brand of carp baits based on the numerous years of experience in both bait making and fishery management.
We started last year with the introduction of two different types of boilies, PH Fish & PH Nut. The fish was an instant hit resulting in numerous captures and once introduced it was soon overtaking many of the popular baits.
The nut had similar results but we weren't 100% happy so this has been tweaked for 2014.
All of our baits are extensively tested at our fishery and the perfect balance allows us to introduce them with both the confidence of being proven fish catchers and knowing our fish are getting all the nutrients required for a healthy fishery. The PH Fish has been taken to other UK waters and have had similar success.

We have split the range in to 3 categories, PH Boilie Range, PH Gravity & PH System X.

We will be adding new exciting products to the range throughout the year.

See Full Range

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